«Important Person» is a business car-service of the biggest taxi-operator in Europe.


Company`s mission is keeping leadership on taxi market bringing life quality in Russia closer to that of the biggest worlds cities.

We use brand new Ford Mondeo cars that the perfect mix of ergonomics and design for the most demanding clients.

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Important Person VIP Taxi

Important Person is the business class taxi services for people who prefer comfort and service of the highest level without any compromise or exception. Having launched such a service on the market and creating an elite taxi company in Moscow, we became the first company in the Russian capital which offered to private and corporate clients VIP class taxies and rent-a-car service. Both of those bring customer service to a totally different level of the highest quality. Our VIP taxi means the lowest cost coupled with your high status and prestige.

Our extensive working experience in the role of the undisputed leader of the taxi service market has allowed us to create a unique VIP class taxi model for Russia: that which meets international standards. Due to our close contacts with major taxi companies located in the most famous metropolises of Europe, Asia and America and thanks to our exchange of experience we have achieved impressive results in the “VIP Taxi Moscow” project. We do believe that business people will fully appreciate the opportunities provided by our new service which made sound the "elite taxi" like a statement of fact - and not just beautiful words.

What does our executive taxi service mean to you?

  • An exclusive VIP Taxi, either a non-branded (unmarked) car or a branded one. The cars are represented by prestigious German brand Mercedes Benz’s E-class models with luxury suite saloons, as well as by the Ford Mondeo with bodies made in the same style all colored in black. It is also possible to use simultaneously several cars in the corporate purposes.
  • Highly skilled professional drivers. Before starting their work for the VIP taxi, all our drivers have received special technical and psychological training. Moscow is the native town for them, so they know thoroughly all of its roads and highway interchanges;
  • A wide range of communication media which you can use immediately in the VIP taxi cabin. These media can be either a free and unlimited access to telephony or/and high-speed Wi-Fi Internet connection;
  • Various options to pay for a VIP class taxi services depending on your preferences, including bank cards Visa Int., MasterCard or Maestro. To select the most convenient option, just tell our operator that you would like to use a credit card to pay our services.
  • The 24-hour business taxi booking for Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports
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