«Important Person» is a business car-service of the biggest taxi-operator in Europe.


Company`s mission is keeping leadership on taxi market bringing life quality in Russia closer to that of the biggest worlds cities.

We use brand new Ford Mondeo cars that the perfect mix of ergonomics and design for the most demanding clients.

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Corporate taxi

Corporate taxi rental is a corporate priority for the "Important Person", as the mainstay of our company’s customers is represented by corporate clients.

Corporate taxi booking


  Taximeter* Minimum fare
Fare Fare 30 rubles per kilometer 700 rubles

General conditions
- The fare is valid within the Moscow Automobile Ring Road (MKAD) or for a round trip outside the MKAD. To a one-way trip outside the MKAD a bonder rate for mileage is applied.
- Prices do not include the cost of parking
- Prices do not include VAT
- Waiting for a client, waiting traffic lights, driving in traffic jams and traffic speeds of less than 5 km per hour is charged at 15 rubles per min and 900 rubles per hour.

Booking our Corporate Taxi enables business people of the highest status to resolve any problems with travel arrangements to or around Moscow as well as to arrange meetings with their business partners or colleagues at the airport of arrival to provide them with corporate vehicles. In our fleet, there are only new Ford Mondeo and Mercedes Benz cars which are ideal for transportation of dignitaries and similar VIP persons.
Advantages of Booking a Corporate Taxi

Any company in course of its daily activity regularly meets a question of arrangement of various business trips or business meetings with clients. For this purpose, any company has to have a fleet of cars to its disposal. Meanwhile, keeping a corporate fleet with a staff of drivers is often economically inefficient, since even in case of downtime company is obliged to pay the drivers and the maintenance of corporate vehicles. Our Call Corporate Taxi release senior executives both from additional costs and from need of resolving a bunch of related problems. You can book our corporate taxi for a one-time trip or for a transfer to the airport, but it will be much more reasonable for you to contract with our taxi service to ensure providing VIP cars on a regular basis.

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